Projects and Fieldwork

On this page I have listed some of the projects and fieldwork that I have been/am involved with. Follow the links to find out more about my work and see many many pretty pictures!


Palmitopamba Project, Ecuador
June 2007–July 2007, Archaeologist

Keros Project, Greece
April 2007–June 2007, Trench Supervisor

Pumapunku Akapana Proyecto Arqueológico, Tiwanaku, Bolivia.
May 2004–Oct 2006, Area Supervisor

K’axob Archaeological Project, Belize
Sept. 2003–May 2004, Honors Thesis Research

Holmul Archaeological Project, Guatemala
May 2003–June 2003, Trench Supervisor

Xibun Archaeological Research Project, Belize
Feb. 2003–May 2003, Fieldschool Student

Other Projects

India-UK collaborative research project: Land, Water and Settlement
Sept. 2008–2010, Research Assistant

Excavating the Archaeologist: a Profession and its Objects
Dec. 2005–April 2006, Exhibition Development and Webmaster