Journal Papers

Yates, D. (2011) Archaeology and Autonomies: The Legal Framework of Heritage Management in a New Bolivia. The International Journal of Cultural Property 18(3).

Yates, D. & T.C. Pruitt, editors (2009) Invention and Reinvention: Perceptions and Archaeological Practice, Archaeological Review from Cambridge, Vol. 24.

Book Reviews

Yates, D. (2012) Review: Interpreting the Past. In Science and the Material Record, D. Parikh & K. Hall (eds.) Archaeological Review from Cambridge, Vol. 27.

Yates, D. (2008) Review: Janaab’ Pakal of Palenque. In Archaeological Histories, M. Boddington & N. Farrington (eds.) Archaeological Review from Cambridge, Vol. 23.

Journal Peer Review

Peer review of papers submitted to the journal Crime, Law and Social Change.

Book Chapters

Yates, D. (Forthcoming, 2012) Publication as Preservation: A Remote Maya Site in the Early 20th Century. In From Plunder to Preservation: Britain and the Heritage of Empire, 1800-1950, Swenson & Mandler (eds.) Oxford University Press.

Yates, D. (2004) Prismatic Blades and Long Distance Trade: Obsidian from the Sites of Cedar Bank, Augustine Obispo, and Samuel Oshon. In The Sibun Valley from Late Classic through Colonial Times, P. McAnany et al. (eds.) Institute of Archaeology, Belmopan.

Other Publications

Yates, D., C. Erickson and S. Alconini (2011) Summary of the Bolivia-United States MoU Extension Hearing. Archaeological Institute of America News. 4 August.

Property of an Anonymous Swiss Collector (blog): Commentary on looting, antiquities trafficking, and art crime

Grotesque Stone Idols (blog): Commentary on archaeology, politics, heritage and culture.

Archaeology Texts for Thames & Hudson Publishers
Over the past few years I have contributed to both the print and online versions of several prominent archaeological textbooks.

For the past few editions of Archaeology by Colin Renfrew and Paul Bahn I have produced Chapter Summaries for the print edition of the book as well as Practice Quizzes, Flash Cards and instructor material. I also developed a series of in-depth exercises targeted towards mid-level undergraduates which expand upon important archaeological themes and case studies.

I produced similar online material for The Human Past by Christ Scarre.

More recently I worked on material for Archaeology Essentials by Renfrew and Bahn and the 6th edition of “Archaeology”. In addition to more online exercises, quizzes and flashcards, I produced a comprehensive list of further reading and chapter summaries for the print version of the book. I also developed a series of entry-level undergraduate activities to be used by instructors in conjunction with the textbook. I am quite proud of this work.